5 wonderful effects your brain will notice when you drink water

5 wonderful effects your brain will notice when you drink water

We should not expect to be thirsty to drink water. It is convenient to do it every hour or every 45 minutes to keep us properly hydrated and our brain to function 100%.

Water and brain function are more related than we think. We often ingest this vital resource by thinking of our kidneys, our liver and even our heart.

However, we forget something essential: the organ of our body that needs the most energy is the brain. In fact, 75% of it is water and it needs it as that basic and wonderful sustenance with which to continue in operation.

However, regardless of whether we should drink between 7 or 8 glasses per day, it is best not to set an obligatory goal, since each organism has some needs depending on its activity.

The ideal is to stay hydrated throughout the day, and for this, nothing better than drinking small sips of water every hour, without tiring, without filling our stomach in an excessive.

This is how our whole organism is harmonized inside to be able to surrender on the outside.

Today in our space we want to explain the fabulous effects that something as simple as drinking water produces in your brain.

1. Your brain will work faster

Our brain depends on proper hydration to function effectively. The cells of this organ require a delicate and precise balance between water and various elements to perform as it should.

Something that we should be aware of is the following: just get up is necessary to drink a glass of water.

  • It is the time of day when our brain cells need that hydration that only water can offer us.
  • We have spent between 7 and 9 hours sleeping and, although we have not sweated, it does not mean that we have not lost water.
  • In each deep breath we expel moisture, and that cumulative effect generates that the brain, in the morning, is dehydrated.
  • Just by taking that glass of water and serving us a breakfast rich in fruit, it maximizes its performance.

2. You will improve your concentration

improve your concentration

People do not usually notice dehydration. Only in more extreme cases, when the dizziness or dry skin appear, is when we perceive the alarm signals.

  • However, our brain is the first to notice. Low attention, resources are saved, work memory loses agility, it is difficult for us to concentrate and we do not react so quickly to the stimuli.
  • It is clear, however, that drinking coffee or tea can also help. However, we can not consume these two drinks consistently throughout the day.
  • It is necessary that every 45 minutes we take a sip of water. This is the interval from which our attention falls.

To remedy it, nothing better than a little water.

3. Helps you balance mood and emotions

balance mood and emotions

You may find it curious to relate water to our psychological well-being. We all know, for example, that spend a few hours in front of the sea and feel their breath, listen to their rumor and aspire their saline immensity relaxes.

Not only does the visual effect of water revert on our emotions, but our intake also regulates our emotional world.

  • It does it in a very simple way: it improves the temperature of the brain, eliminates toxins and dead cells and balances our chemical processes to exert a kind of “mental reset”.
  • However, it is not a question of drinking two glasses of water in a row, as if seeking a quick and effective treatment.
  • We must do what we have said before: maintain hydration, drink small sips so that, in this way, our cells remain active and find an adequate balance with which to regulate stress and anxiety.

4. Drinking water will help you sleep better.

It is possible that drinking a glass of water before bedtime will force you to get up at midnight to go to the bathroom.

However, getting used to this simple routine of drinking, even a half glass of water before bed, will provide a much more restful rest.

  • Water improves blood circulation to the brain, oxygenates, hydrates and gives you calm.
  • Also, we can not forget that water eliminates waste substances and, at the brain level, these tasks are essential to promote a basic neurological balance.

Put it into practice from now on and find out if it helps you sleep a little better.

5. Your memory will improve if you drink water on a regular basis throughout the day

We can not forget that no matter how slight our dehydration, an immediate homeostatic imbalance occurs, that is, a series of dysfunctions that affect many basic areas of our survival begin.

  • One of these consequences is a reduction of the agility in our cognitive capacities: it costs us more to memorize things, to infer information, to draw conclusions, to facilitate a long-term memory …

So, keep that in mind: put a bottle of water in your bag and go drinking throughout the day. Do not force yourself to take those 8 glasses daily, just be always hydrated.

It is worth doing this small daily effort.

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