Study Definitive Alopecia in cancer patients: epidemiological, clinical and prognostic factors

Study Definitive Alopecia in cancer patients

The Dermatology Service of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital has launched the study “Definitive Alopecia in cancer patients: epidemiological, clinical and prognostic factors”. This is a research project to determine the possible factors that allow predicting that patients will develop definitive alopecia after having received an oncological treatment based on the analysis of the epidemiological and clinical characteristics and the treatments that have received the patients who Have developed this type of alopecia.

Alopecia is a frequent adverse effect of some chemotherapy drugs; however, it is usually reversible and the patient regains full capillary density around 3-6 months after the end of the oncological treatment that produced it; However, in some cases, this alopecia is not completely or partially reversible.

Definitive alopecia is defined as loss of partial or total capillary density that persists 6 months after the end of the cause that caused it. The cause of this alopecia seems to be direct damage on follicular stem cells.

Alopecia has a great impact on the quality of life in the patients affected by this disease, and in many cases patients are anxious about the possibility of losing their hair when starting an oncological treatment; This anxiety sometimes leads patients to reject such treatments.

However, there are no large series published that allow to analyze in detail the profile of patients at risk for this alopecia or the possible predictive factors of it.

This study is performed in cancer patients clinically diagnosed with definitive alopecia.

Description of the study

The study consists of two visits in consultation separated by 6 months, in which the dermatologist will ask the patient a series of questions about his illness, the treatments he has used since he was diagnosed the disease and the response to each one , Will also be made an anamnesis centered on his problem of alopecia and a clinical exploration directed with obtaining iconography making clinical and dermatoscopic photographs of the scalp in order to assess the degree of alopecia and how it evolves in the time elapsed between the two Visits.

In the case of diagnostic doubt, the complementary examinations that are convenient in the case will be carried out, following the usual clinical practice. Finally, the patient will perform a validated quality of life test, to study the impact that this disease causes in daily life. If it is considered opportune the dermatologist can guide a treatment for alopecia, whose answer will be evaluated in the second visit.

Both the research team and the Hospital will not receive any financial compensation for the study.

Purpose of this research study

The main objective is to describe the epidemiological characteristics, personal history, clinical characteristics, prognosis and therapeutics of a wide range of cancer patients with definitive alopecia, as well as to try to define possible predictive factors for the development of this disease.

Benefits of participating in this study

The patient who enters the study can benefit from the knowledge that is obtained from the same therapeutic prognostic level.

Possible risks of participating in this study

There is no risk to health derived from participation in this study.

Participation and withdrawal of the study

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. The patient may discontinue his participation in this study at any time, without affecting the medical care he receives.

Contact details for more information

The study physician and / or team members will be available to answer any questions that may arise about the study. For more information, please contact Dr. Ángela Hermosa Gelbard by calling 913368247/913368582 or by sending an email to:

Clash Royale: how you can respond to the Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Clash Royale

In Clash Royale there are a great deal of various soldiers that we could utilize in every fight, however this additionally suggests that our challengers have the very same deal. Among one of the most irritating is the Baby dragon, which has sufficient assault as well as functions as a storage tank, so today you instruct a couple of ideas to neutralize efficiently the infant dragon:

Usage array soldiers

Infant dragon have splash damages, or that will certainly introduce assaults that will certainly hurt all the soldiers or structures that are within its distance of assault, nonetheless little, that is. The excellent part of all this is that will certainly strike range, and also we have to do the very same for finishing it without issues, so we have to utilize any kind of army that assault from afar.

Do not place soldiers near to the tower

As we claimed, the infant dragon has location damages, so it is a really poor concept to soldiers near the Tower, given that although they are arqueras that assault at range, the dragon will certainly create damages to whatever in its objective. Learn any tips how to get Clash Royale free gems here

Wait on the Baby Dragon to technique to the tower

If we wish to conserve the issue of getting damages in the tower as well as shedding soldiers, the most effective method is to wait till the infant dragon mark as unbiased the Tower prior to the soldiers of response. Some spirits with spear or a display, and also we eliminate the Dragon in the center.

Make use of a Hog Rider or structure’s support

The Hog Rider, although it is not a protection army, is the very best to neutralize the Baby dragon due to the fact that it will certainly make you to transform totally to aim to eliminate him, while our Tower assaults him continuous. On the other hand, a structure’s support is additionally incredibly reliable, which will certainly additionally end up being to the remainder of the soldiers when the dragon drops.

Currently I have actually instructed you how you can respond to the Royal prince, how you can respond to the wizard, ways to respond to the Golem, ways to respond to the spell of ice and also the best ways to respond to the x-ballesta, however remember to undergo the remainder of our overviews of fundamental ideas, progressed to obtain tips, mistakes which we need to stay clear of, when to strike the Tower of the King, ways to establish a deck as well as method the benefit of potion along with our overviews for the level up quickly, obtain much gold and also make runs of success, obtain legendary letters, obtain epic cards obtain supermagicos breasts and also secure free treasures to be unstoppable in the video game of Supercell.

Less Common types of Breast Cancer


Inflammatory breast cancer: In this type of cancer cancer cells infiltrate lymphatic vessels and skin. The breast becomes reddish and hot and can become larger, firm, tender or itchy. In its early stages, inflammatory breast cancer is often confused with mastitis or infection in the breast and treated with antibiotics. If the symptoms are caused by cancer, they will not be relieved. It accounts for approximately 1 to 3% of all breast cancers.

Paget’s disease of the nipple or Paget’s disease mammary: is a rare type of cancer that affects the skin of the nipple and the areola that present eczema, crusts, scales and, sometimes, areas of bleeding or suppuration. Paget’s disease is almost always associated with ductal carcinoma in situ or infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The prognosis and treatment of the disease depend on the type of tumor to which it is associated. It represents approximately 1% of all breast cancers.

Phyloid tumor or filoid cistosarcoma: This type of tumor in the breast is rare and is formed in the breast tissue, unlike the carcinomas that form in the ducts or lobules. They tend to grow rapidly, but they rarely spread outside the breast. Most phyloid tumors are benign (noncancerous), some are malignant (cancerous) and some ambiguous. They account for less than 1% of all breast tumors.

Marrow carcinoma of the breast: This type of cancer is a rare subtype of invasive ductal carcinoma. It does not grow rapidly and usually does not extend outside the breast to the lymph nodes. It most often affects women who have a BRCA1 gene mutation.

Colloid carcinoma or mucinous carcinoma of the breast: a rare form of invasive ductal carcinoma. This type of cancer is formed from cancerous cells that produce mucus in the breast ducts.

Tubular carcinoma of the breast: a rare subtype of invasive ductal carcinoma. In this type of cancer, it is generally low grade and slow growing. The low-grade concept in a tumor refers to the fact that cancer cells look similar to normal healthy cells and tend to grow slowly.

8 Ball Pool Free Download and install Complete Newest Variation

8 Ball Pool

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  • Running System: Windows View, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or greater.
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There are many people play activities for some reason or the other way, if they are playing the overall game for fun in the yard of the house or for the competitive goal in the playground. Doing exercise through activities is very much indeed important for your wellbeing. But, sometimes while taking the huge benefits from game, you’re getting certain kind of accidental injuries and pain. The severe nature can range for minor pain in the muscles to the severe ache that persists for long. A number of the pain that business lead to surgeries and foundation break for most days and nights.

Though, leg or pain sprain happens due to frequent playing but addition to this, improper training tactics, flawed techniques and the inappropriate use of the gear can cause for damages. Knee or body ache can also arise when the individual is not getting proper training or warm-up periods rather than doing the stretching out.

Woman stretching her leg.

Below are a few of the normal types of sport accidents that you can face when you are participating in in the team or in the garden of the house. It is vital to notice the reason for the pain and take the right kind of medication to cope with the pain. If you’re neglecting the pain, you have to take foundation snooze for at least a month which is quite intolerable.

1. Strains and Sprains-

These are a few of the most frequent type of traumas that make a difference you when you are playing or doing sport. They are able to arise in each level of the physical exercise. The sprain occurs when the ligament tears away. They can range between slight to severe harm. The sprain is quite typical in the ankles, legs and in the wrists. Any risk of strain is also known as as the pulled muscle and happens when the materials in the tendon stretch out.

2. Fractures-

It is often called the damaged bone. They may be fairly common sports injury that occurs for just one time problems for the acute bone. Repeated pressure on the bone can cause the fracture. Small cracks can resulted in major pain inside the bone. The strain fracture happens in your toes or hip and legs.

3. Dislocation-

This happens when any kind of push pushes the bone fragments in the joint to go it from the alignment. It really is known as the luxation. Certain contact activities like the soccer and excessive stretches can cause dislocation. It generally requires high quality medical guidance from the athletics drugs doctor.

These are a few of the sports traumas that may become serious if not cared for correctly.

Rajib Saha is a reputed creator and he creates articles in how to approach sports injury. He suggests the players to talk to the sports medicine doctor to get the best ideas always.

Clash Royale Attacks with the Electric Wizard

Clash Royale Electrical Wizard land with a thud which he stuns nearby enemies and shoot lightning with both hands! What a show-off.

Electro Wizard This electro wizard you can unlock from seven league and only takes 4 elixir to use. A great legendary card for only 4 elixir! When you place it in the arena will naturally happen ‘zap’. This will slow the troops of your opponent 0.5 seconds. Because he shoots with two hands, he can attack two forces at the same time!

Clash Royale Attacks with the Electric Wizard

When ever you’ve unlocked the Electric Wizard and wants to use you obviously have a good tactic. Everything starts with the clash royale hack download right composition of your combat deck! Always make sure that you are on and “tank” card possession. These must have sufficient vitality points so that he can protect you “assault troops” at the arena tower and / or forces your opponent. My preference is for the giant, it has enough vitality points + brings enough damage to the building of your opponent.

One of my favorite decks consists of the following forces:

  1. Electro Wizard
  2. Giant
  3. elixirpomp / Elite Barbarians
  4. fireball
  5. gun
  6. Mega favorite
  7. Stem / ijsgeest
  8. Princess

Play your giant, follow it up with the mega favorite / Princess & elite barbarians / Electric Wizard. You giant will absorb the damage that you “attack army can turn off the arena tower.
Defend against the Clash Royale electro wizard

When your opponent on the Electric Wizard features you should always be prepared. An inferno tower inferno or dragon will in fact be reset and so not much could damage the tank of your opponent. Try to make sure that the attacker has some troops are close to each other and then turn it off with your fireball. Another option is to arch the Clash Royale Electric Wizard with different forces. (4 barbarians / horde of minions / ..) This electro wizard DOES NOT have field damage and will thus can attack up to two forces at the same time.

Ayurveda and Tumors – Ayurvedic Treatment For Gall Bladder Malignancy

Gall bladder cancer is also called cholangiocarcinoma which is a malignant expansion of the biliary duct system and bile ducts, and could originate either in the liver organ or outside it. Nearly all these tumours are adenocarcinomas, while about 10% are made of squamous cell tumours. They are slow-moving growing tumours which often derive from long-term infections, chronic irritation or harm to the biliary duct system. Common medical indications include jaundice, clay-colored stools, dark urine, severe itching, weight loss, belly pain, and – in the later stages – a palpable lump in the right upper side of the abdomen.

Gall bladder cancer can be diagnosed by making use of various lab tests such as liver organ function assessments, ultrasound evaluation, CT scan, Dog or cat check out, MRI, ERCP, clean cytology, and different tumour markers. The tumour is categorized in line with the TNM (tumour, lymph node, and metastasis) function of classification or graded from 0 to 4, which show the pass on and amount of the tumour as well as the entire prognosis. During diagnosis, more than 90% of patients aren’t qualified to receive curative surgery, and regardless of aggressive therapy, the overall survival for advanced gall bladder cancer is about six months just. Stent implantation, photodynamic therapy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are being used as palliative measures.

Ayurvedic organic treatment can be judiciously utilised in the successful management and treatment of gall bladder cancer to be able to effect a result of a remission of the tumour, and increase the survival of the afflicted individual significantly. Herbal medicines that have a particular action on the liver and gall bladder are being used in the management of the condition. These medications action on the gall bladder tumour and bring in regards to a significant decrease in its size within a short period of a couple of months. Most gall bladder patients, during display, have issues like fistula development, with bile streaming through the fistula. These issues can be maintained on a crisis basis with the aid of simple herbal supplements which treat the fistula and redirect the bile in to the intestines.

Herbal supplements are also used to avoid the pass on of the gall bladder tumour in to the surrounding elements of the stomach as well as prevent metastasis to other areas of your body. Some medications which are of help in the management of gall bladder cancer include Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Yashtimadhuk (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Bhumiamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri), Arogyavardhini, Punarnavadi Qadha, and Varunadi Qadha. Furthermore to treatment which is specific for gall bladder cancer, immunomodulatory treatment is also essential in order to improve the immune position of the afflicted individual. The accumulating of a solid immune system really helps to bring in regards to a faster healing response, an extended survival, and improved upon chances of a total remission of the tumour.

Most individuals afflicted with gall bladder cancer require hostile Ayurvedic organic and natural treatment for approximately 9 to15 calendar months to be able to get significant improvement in the problem. Regular Ayurvedic treatment over a long-term basis can assist in enhancing the probabilities for survival, and the sooner treatment is instituted, the better. Depending after the display of symptoms and the severe nature of the cancer, Ayurvedic treatment must the tailor-made for each and every individual damaged with this problem, to be able to derive obtain the most from treatment. Ayurvedic natural treatment absolutely has a particular role that can be played in the management and treatment of gall bladder cancer.

8 Ball Pool Hack Tool for iPhone, iPad and Android

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8 Ball Pool Hack Tool

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5 wonderful effects your brain will notice when you drink water

5 wonderful effects your brain will notice when you drink water

We should not expect to be thirsty to drink water. It is convenient to do it every hour or every 45 minutes to keep us properly hydrated and our brain to function 100%.

Water and brain function are more related than we think. We often ingest this vital resource by thinking of our kidneys, our liver and even our heart.

However, we forget something essential: the organ of our body that needs the most energy is the brain. In fact, 75% of it is water and it needs it as that basic and wonderful sustenance with which to continue in operation.

However, regardless of whether we should drink between 7 or 8 glasses per day, it is best not to set an obligatory goal, since each organism has some needs depending on its activity.

The ideal is to stay hydrated throughout the day, and for this, nothing better than drinking small sips of water every hour, without tiring, without filling our stomach in an excessive.

This is how our whole organism is harmonized inside to be able to surrender on the outside.

Today in our space we want to explain the fabulous effects that something as simple as drinking water produces in your brain.

1. Your brain will work faster

Our brain depends on proper hydration to function effectively. The cells of this organ require a delicate and precise balance between water and various elements to perform as it should.

Something that we should be aware of is the following: just get up is necessary to drink a glass of water.

  • It is the time of day when our brain cells need that hydration that only water can offer us.
  • We have spent between 7 and 9 hours sleeping and, although we have not sweated, it does not mean that we have not lost water.
  • In each deep breath we expel moisture, and that cumulative effect generates that the brain, in the morning, is dehydrated.
  • Just by taking that glass of water and serving us a breakfast rich in fruit, it maximizes its performance.

2. You will improve your concentration

improve your concentration

People do not usually notice dehydration. Only in more extreme cases, when the dizziness or dry skin appear, is when we perceive the alarm signals.

  • However, our brain is the first to notice. Low attention, resources are saved, work memory loses agility, it is difficult for us to concentrate and we do not react so quickly to the stimuli.
  • It is clear, however, that drinking coffee or tea can also help. However, we can not consume these two drinks consistently throughout the day.
  • It is necessary that every 45 minutes we take a sip of water. This is the interval from which our attention falls.

To remedy it, nothing better than a little water.

3. Helps you balance mood and emotions

balance mood and emotions

You may find it curious to relate water to our psychological well-being. We all know, for example, that spend a few hours in front of the sea and feel their breath, listen to their rumor and aspire their saline immensity relaxes.

Not only does the visual effect of water revert on our emotions, but our intake also regulates our emotional world.

  • It does it in a very simple way: it improves the temperature of the brain, eliminates toxins and dead cells and balances our chemical processes to exert a kind of “mental reset”.
  • However, it is not a question of drinking two glasses of water in a row, as if seeking a quick and effective treatment.
  • We must do what we have said before: maintain hydration, drink small sips so that, in this way, our cells remain active and find an adequate balance with which to regulate stress and anxiety.

4. Drinking water will help you sleep better.

It is possible that drinking a glass of water before bedtime will force you to get up at midnight to go to the bathroom.

However, getting used to this simple routine of drinking, even a half glass of water before bed, will provide a much more restful rest.

  • Water improves blood circulation to the brain, oxygenates, hydrates and gives you calm.
  • Also, we can not forget that water eliminates waste substances and, at the brain level, these tasks are essential to promote a basic neurological balance.

Put it into practice from now on and find out if it helps you sleep a little better.

5. Your memory will improve if you drink water on a regular basis throughout the day

We can not forget that no matter how slight our dehydration, an immediate homeostatic imbalance occurs, that is, a series of dysfunctions that affect many basic areas of our survival begin.

  • One of these consequences is a reduction of the agility in our cognitive capacities: it costs us more to memorize things, to infer information, to draw conclusions, to facilitate a long-term memory …

So, keep that in mind: put a bottle of water in your bag and go drinking throughout the day. Do not force yourself to take those 8 glasses daily, just be always hydrated.

It is worth doing this small daily effort.

The best herbs and spices for your brain

The best herbs for your brain

Although we do not present memory problems at present, it is convenient that we begin to consume these herbs and spices to optimize our brain activity and take advantage of its benefits.

Medications are an excellent aid for you and your health. But the truth is that when we talk about what is good for your brain, it is sometimes a good idea to opt for the natural.

Keep reading and you will see which are the best herbs and spices that will give you a mental oxygenation and will help you remember a lot of things.

The recommendations we give you next will also be helpful if what happens to you is that you suffer from anxiety or need some protection against brain tumors because you may have a family history.

Take note of the best herbs and spices that you can not miss in your dishes or infusions.

Parsley and thyme

Apigenin is a flavonoid found in these spices and is good for strengthening the connections between neurons and stem cells.

Some researchers indicate that a diet rich in apigenin could influence the formation of brain cells and communication.

That is why parsley and thyme are among the best herbs and spices to contain this chemical.

In addition, these condiments in your meals may also help prevent depression, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

You may not have heard of apigenin, but of estrogens. The chemical structure of these two is very similar, since the estrogen also collaborates in the development of the neurons.

Apigenin causes the same types of cellular changes as estrogens.



Who does not have chamomile tea bags at home? If you like it a lot, you will now have one more reason to want to drink this drink while talking to your family in the mornings or just watching the sunset.

Present among the best herbs and spices, chamomile is a fully tested and real stress-reliever.

Not only does it give you a sense of peace and calm, but it will also help you regulate anxiety. Chamomile contains compounds that can bind to the receptors of certain chemicals in the brain, reducing anxiety in the process.

Our recommendation is to take a cup of chamomile tea at night, before bed. This will relax you so that you can also sleep very well.


When there is memory loss it is very difficult to retrieve it. However, you can optimize their functions. If we named the best herbs and spices, we could not miss this one that seems to improve the performance of people’s memory.

If you want to excel in learning, memory and attention, you know what you are going to ask for in a naturist store.

However, be careful when considering salvia supplements and consult your physician before consuming salvia, because it can be dangerous for some people, such as those for high blood pressure.



Garlic is not a cure for the brain tumor, as has been speculated for years. What is known is that among its properties is the ability to kill cancer cells in the brain.

And, although this fact is certainly not verified, it is a progress that you must know about the best herbs and spices that will help to take care of your brain and your memory.

Best of all is that garlic can be incorporated into your diet and season your dishes at the same time.


This is one of the best herbs and spices, so you can never miss in your kitchen. If you are a hard worker, you can not stop eating mint. This rich and delicious herb is of great help to improve working memory in healthy adults.

In addition, it is also a common cure for nausea.

You can take it in tea, as well as with chamomile, and some honey. You will see how in twenty minutes you will have a better long-term memory, work memory, greater alertness and a better mood.

If you prefer a smooth shake that provides energy and nutrients, add a fresh mint leaves to the mixture and enjoy its refreshing flavor.



This spice has a rich essential oil aroma and only its odor can improve the prospective memory of those over 65 years of age.

You will wonder what is prospective memory. It is about the ability to remember specific events and tasks that will happen in the future, such as the appointment with the doctor, our anniversary date or our children’s birthday.

So, if you want to improve the prospective memory of a loved one or even your own, follow this recommendation.

This technique has already been tested in comparative studies with people over 65 years of age in a lavender-scented room, another with a rosemary smell and a last one without perfume.