The best herbs and spices for your brain

The best herbs for your brain

Although we do not present memory problems at present, it is convenient that we begin to consume these herbs and spices to optimize our brain activity and take advantage of its benefits.

Medications are an excellent aid for you and your health. But the truth is that when we talk about what is good for your brain, it is sometimes a good idea to opt for the natural.

Keep reading and you will see which are the best herbs and spices that will give you a mental oxygenation and will help you remember a lot of things.

The recommendations we give you next will also be helpful if what happens to you is that you suffer from anxiety or need some protection against brain tumors because you may have a family history.

Take note of the best herbs and spices that you can not miss in your dishes or infusions.

Parsley and thyme

Apigenin is a flavonoid found in these spices and is good for strengthening the connections between neurons and stem cells.

Some researchers indicate that a diet rich in apigenin could influence the formation of brain cells and communication.

That is why parsley and thyme are among the best herbs and spices to contain this chemical.

In addition, these condiments in your meals may also help prevent depression, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

You may not have heard of apigenin, but of estrogens. The chemical structure of these two is very similar, since the estrogen also collaborates in the development of the neurons.

Apigenin causes the same types of cellular changes as estrogens.



Who does not have chamomile tea bags at home? If you like it a lot, you will now have one more reason to want to drink this drink while talking to your family in the mornings or just watching the sunset.

Present among the best herbs and spices, chamomile is a fully tested and real stress-reliever.

Not only does it give you a sense of peace and calm, but it will also help you regulate anxiety. Chamomile contains compounds that can bind to the receptors of certain chemicals in the brain, reducing anxiety in the process.

Our recommendation is to take a cup of chamomile tea at night, before bed. This will relax you so that you can also sleep very well.


When there is memory loss it is very difficult to retrieve it. However, you can optimize their functions. If we named the best herbs and spices, we could not miss this one that seems to improve the performance of people’s memory.

If you want to excel in learning, memory and attention, you know what you are going to ask for in a naturist store.

However, be careful when considering salvia supplements and consult your physician before consuming salvia, because it can be dangerous for some people, such as those for high blood pressure.



Garlic is not a cure for the brain tumor, as has been speculated for years. What is known is that among its properties is the ability to kill cancer cells in the brain.

And, although this fact is certainly not verified, it is a progress that you must know about the best herbs and spices that will help to take care of your brain and your memory.

Best of all is that garlic can be incorporated into your diet and season your dishes at the same time.


This is one of the best herbs and spices, so you can never miss in your kitchen. If you are a hard worker, you can not stop eating mint. This rich and delicious herb is of great help to improve working memory in healthy adults.

In addition, it is also a common cure for nausea.

You can take it in tea, as well as with chamomile, and some honey. You will see how in twenty minutes you will have a better long-term memory, work memory, greater alertness and a better mood.

If you prefer a smooth shake that provides energy and nutrients, add a fresh mint leaves to the mixture and enjoy its refreshing flavor.



This spice has a rich essential oil aroma and only its odor can improve the prospective memory of those over 65 years of age.

You will wonder what is prospective memory. It is about the ability to remember specific events and tasks that will happen in the future, such as the appointment with the doctor, our anniversary date or our children’s birthday.

So, if you want to improve the prospective memory of a loved one or even your own, follow this recommendation.

This technique has already been tested in comparative studies with people over 65 years of age in a lavender-scented room, another with a rosemary smell and a last one without perfume.

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