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Mobile apps have become part of modern people’s life. Developers make their products helped people to be formed, to have fun, relax, communicate, plan and so on. Not an exception and sphere of Wellness and beauty – see for yourself.


App for meditation helps to relax and tune in the desired fashion. A calm female voice with music, nature sounds and a beautiful graphic accompanied by a campfire or the beach gives instructions on how to relax, breathe, and turn off thoughts. The application contains dozens of different free versions like meditation to improve sleep, focus, or development of self-esteem as well as paid — for advanced users.


This app creates a complete map of the body on which it is necessary to note all moles. Each mole will need to accompany the photo to the application are identified, it represents a danger or not. There are three degrees of danger, and if the risk is high, then recommended visits to the doctor. Also, all moles have their history with change dates or appearance.

Sleep Better

One of the most critical components of our lives — asleep. In many respects, human health depends on how he sleeps. There is a whole science about sleep. But to study its wisdom is not given to everyone, but everyone wants to sleep correctly. There is a solution — a smart alarm clock. This program is for smartphone not only calculates the optimal time for your sleep, but will throughout the night to track the phase, and in the morning Wake up at the most opportune moment to get out of bed was easy, and the awakening was not harmful to health. This program will help to keep a sleep diary to identify patterns: what determines a good or bad dream in your specific case.


The app detects the UV radiation intensity at any point of the planet. Especially crucial before the holiday: Ultraviolet gives advice on what to wear, what SPF to use and how long to stay in the sun.


The app that tracks food for those who want to lose weight or just right on time to eat. Analyzing the amount of energy consumed user, the application warns if there are unspent calories, ready to be turned into unwanted fat. The program will run without errors if the data on time to fill, and most importantly — it will help to develop the habit of proper nutrition without starvation diets and to exhaust.


Israeli scientists concluded that the cause of age-related farsightedness — to increase the time of image processing by the brain. Game GlassesOff is designed to train neuroplasticity, meaning the brain’s ability to recognize and interpret different color patches by folding them into a coherent picture. The app will select a suitable mode of training. After each game, you will receive a report on how improved vision. The program paid, but available free trial two-week version.


The most exciting health apps – those that control the water levels in the body. A simple app for those who could not accustom themselves to drink during the day, the optimal amount of water. The program takes into account individual user preferences: height, weight, age, and lifestyle — and sends you notifications at the right time.

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