Belief in God help cure depression

Belief in God help cure depressionBelieve in the existence of God and being closer to God is not only concerned with the soul, but also the mind. A study shows that people who have faith in God more easily recover from depression.

This is obtained after researchers conducted a study of 159 patients for more than a year in Behavioral Health Partial Hospital program. They found out the relationship between the level of patient’s trust in God, hope for treatment, and treatment outcome in the end.

Each participant were asked to measure their belief in God and their expectations of care through a scale of one to five points. While the researchers measured levels of depression, the state, and the tendency of patients to injure themselves at the beginning and end of the program.

Researchers found that patients who had low levels of trust in God often does not respond to treatment than patients who have a high level of trust in God.

This allowed the researchers to conclude that belief in God is related to both mental care of patients. Confidence is not only associated with better care but also reduce a person’s level of depression and a tendency to injure themselves.

“Our results suggest that patients who believe in God more easily benefit from the treatment they get, no matter what religion they believe in,” said David Rosmarin of McLean Hospital, as reported by the Daily Mail (25/04).

Rosmarin hopes this research could lead to a larger study. Previous research at San Francisco General Hospital has shown the power of prayer on one’s health.

It is known that a person whose name is mentioned in the prayer are healthier, experience fewer complications, pneumonia, and require less treatment. Not only that, they are also known to heal faster and get out of the hospital more quickly.

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