Can not sleep? Do these 4 things!

Everyone must have experienced insomnia. There are also many suggestions that have been given to address them. Ranging from aromatherapy smell, drink milk, and others. But what if all these suggestions do not work and you can not sleep at night?

Do not worry, two experts on sleep and insomnia from Women’s Health Mag (06/09) gave some advice if you have insomnia and can not sleep, here they are:

 1.  Get out of bed

Yes, this certainly sounds strange. You want to go to sleep, but why are you told to leave the bed? However, this suggestion is a suggestion that is quite smart. If after a while on the mattress you still can not sleep, Get out of bed and go to another room. Try doing other activities that are calming like reading books, listening to music quietly, and doing other things in the room with dim light, this is as suggested by Shelby Harris, Psy.D., Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine in New York City.

“You can not force yourself to sleep, and staying on the bed without any signs of sleep will only make you more likely to experience insomnia,” said Harris. Try to read a book or magazine until you feel really sleepy, then go back to bed.

2. Do not think too much

Insomnia will become more severe if you think too much or worry that you can not sleep. Do not think about what would happen tomorrow if you can not sleep. Think about things that are calming and enjoyable. Or think of a few things over and over again. This will help you to sleep faster than thinking about problems or feeling worried.

3. Do not look at the clock

Looking at the clock could be the thing that makes you more anxious. Looking at the clock moving and supervise every second that tick will only make you feel more stressed and can not sleep. The solution? Do not look at the clock. It will make you more calm and not panic, as well as helping you to sleep faster.

4. Write down thoughts

Can not sleep can be caused by things that have not been removed from your mind. Suppose plans for tomorrow, preparations to be made, or new ideas emerging. If it causes insomnia, write what you thinks will make you release anxiety and matters relating to the mind. You can feel calmer and sleep more soundly.

Those are some things you can do if you’re experiencing insomnia and could not sleep. If you often can not sleep, for whatever reason, try to do the things above.

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