Know 15 signs of HIV positive!

Many people do not know when they have been infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Signs of HIV itself begin to emerge only after the incubation period ends. If the virus is asleep in the bloodstream, you may not notice any symptoms of HIV over the following year. However, when signs of HIV begin to appear, you condition deteriorates rapidly. Here are some signs of HIV you should recognize, especially for drug users and those who do free sex. Let’s refer to the reviews by Boldsky!

 1. Sudden fever

When you are first exposed to the HIV virus, you may experience a mild fever. It will be accompanied by a fever cough and runny nose. The fever subsided within a few days and you may not be experiencing other symptoms for many years.

2. Fatigue

This is an early sign of HIV that is often overlooked. Fatigue can occur for several reasons. But if you have slept well, having enough rest and still feel tired all the time, it should be suspected.

3. Fever that is disturbing

You experience fever when infected with HIV is very different to what you had before. It’s kind of annoying and a mild fever lasts for weeks.

4. Swelling of lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes common because these glands are also part of the immune system that would become inflamed during an infection. Lymph nodes are often found in the armpits, thighs, and neck.

5. Headache

When a person is HIV positive, you will have a constant headache that makes you feel a fever and weak.

6. Sore throat

HIV infection makes a person prone to suffer from flu-like symptoms, sore throat and cough. This is because your body’s defense mechanisms are down.

7. Skin sensitivity

Those who are HIV positive will be too sensitive on the skin. Sometimes, just a little scratch can turn into a skin rash or make you bleed.

8. Nausea and diarrhea

HIV patients will lose their appetite because of nausea and food can not be digested properly. This is because the good bacteria in your stomach slowly dies.

9. Nail discoloration

Nail will grow thicker, perming and even change color when someone is HIV positive. This is mainly caused by yeast and fungal infections of the nails.

10. Sweating at night

Just like women who experience menopause, HIV-positive people will frequent experience night sweats. They will be sweating in the middle of the night so  they become difficult to sleep soundly.

11. Infection or genital sores

HIV virus present in the genital secretions such as mucus. That is why it can cause infections such as genital herpes and wounds at an advanced stage.

12. Tingling in hands and feet

HIV-positive patients will feel a tingling sensation that occurs in the whole body. They will feel the sensation like needles in the fingertips and toes, which occurs when the virus began to affect the nervous system.

13. Confusion and memory loss

HIV virus affects every part of the body, including brain cells. Sometimes, the virus can cause dementia, confusion and memory loss in later stages of infection.

14. Irregular Menstruation

HIV-positive women will have problems in their menstrual cycle, which makes them experience irregular and fewer periods. This is primarily due to decreased blood counts and overall health damage.

15. Drastic weight loss

When someone is in an advanced stage of HIV, he would lose a large amount of body weight due to diarrhea and infection.

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