The most effective ways to eliminate hiccups

When the hiccups you need to get rid of immediately, you can apply home treatment.

  • Very well eliminates the hiccups reflex method. To implement it you should press with your finger on the root of the tongue as if it is planned to induce vomiting. The result of this action is the spasm of the esophagus, which pushes the diaphragm stop. It is important to remember that before you use this method to eliminate hiccups, be sure to wash your hands.
  • Water is a simple and effective remedy for hiccups. To fix this problem, pour cold water into a large glass and drink it in small SIPS without stopping. Torso at this point should be slightly tilted forward.
  • Very good helps to stop hiccups and breathing exercise. Require, leaning forward to make a quick and maximally deep breath. Then count to 10, slowly exhale. Usually for the elimination of hiccups missing 1-2 exercises.
  • Acid can quickly relieve spasm of the diaphragm. In order to cope with a case of hiccups, just enough to swallow 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or diluted with water in proportion 1:1 Apple cider vinegar. To drink vinegar in its pure form is strictly prohibited, as it can lead to severe complications.
  • The bitterness also copes with the problem. In order to resolve the hiccups very quickly have to swallow something very bitter. It is possible to take a small piece of dipyrone or drotaverine, put it on your tongue and dissolve. Under the influence of bitterness is removed the spasm of the diaphragm and hiccup stops.
  • Beer with sugar is another remedy for hiccups. For medicinal purposes should be in 2 tablespoons of the beer to dissolve 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar after gulp drink composition. This remedy has a strong antispasmodic action and thus eliminates the hiccups. This tool is absolutely contraindicated in people who have recovered from alcohol addiction.
  • Ice also relieves hiccups. A small piece of ice split and quickly eat the crumbs. Once in the stomach, the ice causes a sharp narrowing of blood vessels which spasm of the diaphragm takes place very quickly. This treatment should not be used in diseases of the stomach, as well as during viral infections.
  • Can help with hiccups and action language. In order to cope with the problem, it is necessary washed hands to take the tip of your tongue and pull it forward and up. The result of this action is the spasm of the esophagus, which stops the twitching of the diaphragm.
  • The cold can stop hiccups very effectively. For treatment, the patient must first RUB the towel back and placed between the shoulder blades a piece of ice or a glass of ice water. This will be a spasm of the muscles of the back, during which the spasm of the diaphragm is eliminated.
  • Compression of the chest allows you to stop hiccups. In order to do this, you need to lie on your back, hugging her knees, pull them to your chest. Pressure will be felt immediately. Holding this position requires for 2-3 minutes. This mechanical action of the diaphragm helps to quickly deal with the problem.
  • Another method of treating hiccups is drinking water from the far side of the glass. In order to do this, you have much to lean over and drink from the edge of the glass farthest from the lips. In this way, it is necessary to drink full glass.
  • Useful and a different action with the water. Should be tightly plugged their ears with their fingers and slowly drink through a straw a glass of cold water. This will create inside the body pressure, which will contribute to getting rid of hiccups.
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